Saturday, March 7, 2009

Run, Cowboy, Run

It's been a hectic week for me. Going north and south, around and about this sprawled city looking for a job. I'm going for anything aside of vice or prostitution. Vice sounds nice. Well anyways, it has been a adventure going to hotels, publishing companies, bookstores, supermarkets, rodeos (Just kidding!), pizza delivery shops (I was reminded I needed a car to be able to deliver the pizzas), barista and store clerk. Pretzel, the affable dachsie, only sees me rushing in and out of the apartment. The weather is gorgeous so that helps to keep your spirits up. It feels like I have been thrust in the middle of a rush hour tornado. I've been between jobs for more than 4 months now. The pressure to succeed is so strong it almost paralyzes you. Sounds like a paradox, but it is true. You need to be the best life coach you have ever been. It's a long distance race. It reminds me a bit of The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Britisher Allan Sillitoe (Silly Toes I call him). This short story deals with a poor youngster who is serving time in prison school for petty theft. He is given the opportunity to enter a long distance race. If he wins then his jailers get credit for successfully "rehabilitating" a criminal. The protagonist becomes empowered as he starts running and makes a decision that will define the rest of his life. I won't ruin it for you in case you would like to read it. This is a story about dignity, inner strength and not giving in to peer pressure or false rewards. At least that is my interpretation. So, I see my present situation in a similar light. I feel like that long distance runner. There is a big amount of inner and outer pressure to succeed. But in the end I am the one person that defines success for myself. So far I am successful because I KNOW I am of value and will soon find my niche. All this unemployment and scarcity of resources shall pass. I also realize that this blog exists as a result of my need to reach out specially during my unemployment....and I met you all, followers and visitors. And got to know about your adventurous lives. What richness to feel connected to all of you from all around the world! I'm going to keep on running.


Avril Fleur said...

Best of luck in your job search! Sending prosperity blessings your way! Just keep reminding yourself that your perfect job is on it's way to you right now and don't give in to the fear-mongering and scarcity-attitude. It might be affecting some people, even many people, but that doesn't mean it has to hold you back from the success you deserve!

Anonymous said...

Want a jogging partner?
I love to run...and would be more than happy to keep you company my friend.
Now lets run this way, to the left, the corner of employment drive and financial free(dom)way.
All will be well...but you already know that.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there TPC--things are going to get better for you! It's good that you have such a positive outlook on things, bravo.

Linda S. Socha said...

A beautiful post is the person who created it. This too will pass. I hope it passes very soon


willow said...

I'm imagining little Jenny's voice in Forrest Gump calling you to run! You will find your niche. All your postive karma will pay off. Hang tight, dear friend. x

Raph G. Neckmann said...

'In the end I am the one person that defines success for myself'.

I am going to write that in large letters to stick on our wall, PC.

We were just discussing the definition of success here last night after going to see 'Watchmen' (at an intergalactically linked cinema here on planet Camelopardalis/Giraffe World...) I am tremendously in awe of Alan Moore, who for his own reasons declined to be credited on the film and also declined the money. What an inspiring man.

Stay true to yourself, and keep on running, PC!

Sydney said...

Dear Pink, have you tried your local zoo? If you are an animal lover, it is a wonderful environment, just to go to work every day and be in the outdoors and around animals. The Houston zoo has a million programs, and they hire seasonally... if nothing more it's something to do for a bit while you keep looking, and if you like it there's a good possibility of being hired permanently I bet.

just a thought

The Pink Cowboy said...

Avril- At the end it is all about attitude. I choose to be upbeat. Thanks for your words.

sweetmango- Financial Freedom Way, what a riot. I might look for a little apartment for the cowboy and his dachsie nearby.

Clay- Many thanks for your words of encouragement.

Linda-Thanks for your words and positive energy.

Willow- I do feel like Forrest Gump!:-)
Raph- You giraffes are the best. Thanks.

Sydney- What a clever thought. I have not thought about it. It would be just fantastic to work in a zoo. We have 2 zoos here. Ft.Worth Zoo and the Dallas Zoo. Thanks for the idea.

Nick James said...

Keep on positively! That is my method. With optimism everything is overcome!

JBA said...

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, keep on the sunny side of life!

Clare said...

I am an eternal optimist. You will suceed just keep running and stay the lovely person that you are. I am glad that you are my blog friend. I just love the zoo idea!

A Cuban In London said...

I wish you luck, mate, in your job search. I was laid off for the first time in my life last summer and it's not an experience I would recommend. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a fantastic blog you have here. I will be back for a longer read…I have a great-grandfather whose middle name was Pinkney, and he was a cowboy in early Montana. There must be some karmic attraction in this….You are being a great life coach for yourself. I send you many positive thoughts of support.

Brenda Heisler said...

Good luck on your journey to find a new job. This time around I hope you find something that really is just right for you and your skills. I hope it's something that makes you want to get up in the morning. We all should have jobs that give us some joy and satisfaction.