Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things I Rather Watch

For me it's very easy, without any reservations that I must confess that I hate anything associated with the Superbowl. I know I might sound opinionated but I could never understand football. And God knows I tried. I remember buying season tickets to see the Orangemen play at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. After three games I gave my tickets away to a friend. I just don't get it. All through the years I have asked friends what is it that they like about the sport. All I hear is mumbles, something like the classroom teacher in Peanuts. I think is the slowest most boring game ever developed in the history of mankind. Curling comes a close second. So I went to the movies to see Daniel Craig's piercing blue eyes, I mean his latest movie Defiance. The movie is based on the true story of a group of Jewish refugees living in the woods of Nazi occupied Belarus during World War II. Is not a bad movie. The dialogue is a little bit tiresome because everybody is speaking English with fake Russian accents. But going back to those eyes. I am mesmerized my Daniel Craig' eyes, but that's another post. So If you like to watch Daniel's eyes for two hours this is the film for you. Monday shall be a more exciting day, I hope.