Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Pink Ranch Welcomes The Pinkerton Twins

Radcliffe and Heathcliff Pinkerton are identical twins born conjoined at the tongue. After a 15 minute procedure involving an unknown topical anesthesia and a rather unfit doctor they were successfully separated at age 36. As a result of this most unfortunate surgery Radcliffe and Heathcliff only speak in tandem. Well it gets a little bit more complicated than this. While Radcliffe speaks his mind in the English language, Heathcliff speaks only in Spanish. This bilingual phenomenon was first noticed by a nurse that wishes to remain anonymous. It is a bit of a challenge to fully understand what they are saying, but I must state that they are very nice people with impeccable manners and a radiant disposition. I noticed this immediately when they filled their application forms (Why do you like pink so much?, Do you enjoy your latte with a touch of cinnamon or a twist of cardamon?...and the sort). Their credit is not that good but the Ranch accepts residents no matter of their credit history. Their application was accepted yesterday at 9:00 am. So a big Texan welcome to Radcliffe and Heathcliff Pinkerton!!!


Steph said...

I want to visit the ranch. Seems like there are a lot of characters there that I'd like to kick back some beers with. I speak a little Spanish, can ride a horse (I grew up on a ranch), and I make a mean fideo soup that's great for hangovers!

Nick James said...

What a unique story! They deserve welcome--what an experience! Take care!

willow said...

PINK-erton?! This is hilarious! I am laughing so hard, I can hardly type! You take the cake for the best blog I've read today, Mr. Cowboy.

tangobaby said...

At first I thought you meant those other Pinkertons, but I have to say that these twins are quite a bit more interesting!

Barry said...

So....they were tongue tied?

Anonymous said...

What a riot..I'm sure that they annoy the hell out of one another.

JBA said...

You are too much and too funny!

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A Cuban In London said...

Wow! I loved this post. It's so weird being separated at 36. Many thanks for this article.

Greetings from London.