Thursday, February 5, 2009

N is for Nincompoop

I've been tagged by Life at Willow Manor to select a letter from the alphabet and write about it. I wanted to write about my beloved Spanish letter Ñ, but this blog is in English. So N will do, besides N is a wonderful letter specially when written the wrong way by children.
The letter N is the 14th letter of the English alphabet. It is believed to have developed from a snake hieroglyphic used by the Egyptians. Not long afterwards the Phoenicians adopted the letter into their alphabet. The Hebrews and the Greek followed suit. N represents the alveolar nasal sound in human speech. Only a handful of languages on earth lack this sound. It is the perfect letter to take to the Nth degree, obviously:

Nincompoop- a silly, foolish and useless person.
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Them Goodbye- According to Wikipedia is a song that is often chanted by fans near the end of a contest to signify that victory is all but assured.
Nitroglycerin- a colorless, oily, explosive liquid.
Navratilova- Last name of a famous woman tennis player.
Nanotechnology- According to many the longest word starting with N.
Na Nu Na Nu- Alien greeting (Mork & Mindy TV series)

N in sign language



the Nanny


Anonymous said...

Ha! this looks like fun! How do you know that you've been tagged TPC?

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Nincompoop it a fun word. It always makes me laugh; except when it doesn't. For instance, I was riding along with someone and wanted to take a sip of my coke (had no cover, no straw with my cup). We were approaching a stop sign so I suggested we wait there a couple of sips so I could take a "couple of sips". We stop, I put my cup to my lips, take one sip & am about to take another when the driver decides to go so he won't be behind the car approaching in the distance. Whoops! Coke all over my clean white tee (we're on our way to the gym), in my lap, on the dashboard (you get the picture). NINCOMPOOP!!! Yep, it's a good word.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

That was quick, Pink Cowboy! Great fun.

I love long words like nincompoop - they're such fun to say, like tiddlywinks, higgledy-piggledy etc!

Guess which letter I've got to do?

The Pink Cowboy said...

Clay- Willow left a comment on the previous post.
Lizzy- Love thatstory, very funny.

willow said...

Wow, you are really fast! I love the word nincompoop! And don't forget hey nonny nonny. Great job, Mr. Cowboy.

Nighty-night. :)

tangobaby said...

That was a fun little escapade. And the Nanny. You're a hoot!

Peggy said...

You had me at Nincompoop! Narnia was a great runner-up. Wonderful post!

dancing doc design said...

right on-great words, my mom or dad used that word in a playful way referencing a service man, kind of a more gentle way, in front of children, to describe a clueless it sounds funny, giving me a giggle along with a clown-like visual!
love the blog!
salut du midi!

nollyposh said... X;-)

Natalie said...

Na Nu, Na Nu ! That had me in one. :D

Dédalus said...

Tienes una página hermosa, radicalmente visual y entretenida. Parece que haya un poco de ti en cada rincón. Las imágenes, tus libros, esas pequeñas joyas...

Un placer visitarte, PC.

Abrazos desde la nieve de este norte del sur de Europa.

Dédalus said...

Y eres un Urrutia... ¡Vaya, vaya! Eso te liga profundamente a mi tierra. Roots...

judy in ky said...

Or, if you speak Yiddish: Nu?