Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let's Be The Change

i just saw President Obama's speech at Congress. I was very inspired to hear him talk about the importance of education in our nation. It is of utmost importance that we prepare our future generations to fully realize their potential. I was moved to tears by the schoolgirl from South Carolina that wrote to Congress to ask for help in improving the poor conditions of her own school. When the first Lady embraced that precious girl I felt the warmth and the Love. Boy, are we connected with each other more than we think! All through his speech I heard the word hope and possibility. I understand political rhetoric. I also know that we have been so accustomed to hear empty promises from phony politicians that it is difficult not to be skeptical when you hear inspiring language. But we must understand that rhetoric in itself is just a style of speech that when employed with honesty and vision can empower people to take action and improve their lives. I felt that this evening. I just love the idea of government helping those who cannot pay for college by asking them commit time and effort in helping their communities. This is the core of citizenship, giving back what you received. There is an unequivocal sense of dignity when you work hard for others. When you volunteer or work for something or someone other than yourself you make the biggest contribution. You instantly become a strong link in the chain of humanity because you both recognize the need in others and know that you are part of the solution. Feeling this connection is vital to our overall well being. I wish we finally understand that life is not about having but about being. Let's be the change we need. Let's burst the selfish bubbles that contain our fears and reach out to whomever needs us. In this spirit I'm joining in. I already feel the energy. Let's be builders of this dream.


Clare said...

beautifully written PC. I thought his speech was inspiring. I have been thinking about volunteering for some time now, but yes, just thinking. I need to DO. I want to volunteer at the local hospital as a baby cuddler in the NICU. My girl was a preemie so I feel it is important to give back

Lisa said...

i love hearing him speak, even here in Australia he has such a marked effect....and i love your blog- always so interesting- thank you xx

willow said...

Beautiful post, Mr. Cowboy. I was moved to tears several times during the president's speech. What a refreshing change. It made me feel proud to be an American again.

Liz said...


We had a big corporate meeting yesterday- the all company, head honcho speech type. It included all employees in our district- everyone from machine operators to material handlers to the CFO and VP's and everyone in between. The focus was on the economy. Our plants have been having 24 hour shut downs about twice a month since late last year. And someone asked if that was going to continue (this is someone being forced to take unpaid time off for these closings). And someone else (a salaried person who doesn't have to take any unpaid time off) asked if it would be possible to offer unpaid days off to salaried employees to alleviate that burden from the hourly shift workers.

The answer is less important than the fall out. Salaried people who make far more money than I do, more than the person who asked does, are ticked off to think that the company would dare to ask them to take an unpaid day off. These are people making 6 figure incomes. And can't see that making a minimal sacrifice a few times a year could save someone's utilities, job, house payment, etc.

Boggles my mind that folks are still refusing to take their blinders off.

The Pink Cowboy said...

Clare- Baby cuddling must be an experience to relish for the rest of your life.
Lisa- Thank you for your words. At the end is just one world. We should start listening to each other.
Willow- Thanks. It is wonderful to feel we are part of a historic moment in our nation when people are more important that ideologies or policies.
Liz- You are right in the middle of it all. You can really see what is going on in our corporate world. Greed is a disgrace to the human race. It denies the reality of Love, Compasson and Cooperation. It is not an issue about the rich against the poor but of the selfish and self-centered against the community as a whole. Thank you for giving me a tru e example of this fact.

Steph said...

Because you make me think --and feel-- I've given you an award. You can pick it up on my blog.

Cynthia said...

Yes, I completely agree with you, Pink Cowboy. Service is the answer to building community and if it is connected to funding a university education--much better. We need people empowered to make necessary changes...but people need a way to understand what must be done. <3

Sheila said...

Just dropped by from Cynthia's blog [OWL]. I like your writing style and I love your eye for the eclectic. I really enjoyed looking at your 'permanent residents'. I'll definitely stop by again.
[not a blog stalker]