Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wishes for the Inauguration.

Like millions, I'll be watching the Inauguration Ceremonies on Tuesday. I wish we can really come into a new era where people dare to believe and start anew. I can visualize all our ancestors coming together for this historic occasion. Their hard labors were not in vain. I wish for a sense of community and citizenship where all Americans are treated with respect and equality. I want to give myself permission to hope, big time. It is so easy to be cynical these days. Too easy to tell you the truth. Let's be rebels and reject cynicism. Let's get together.


Teri said...

Me, too, I want to hope. I have never been into politics much, though I always read all I can about the candidates and always vote. I have been cynical that even a good man can do much when there are so many in government to answer to first. I was too young to realize John Kennedy's importance and often wonder now what would have transpired if he hadn't been assassinated.

I feel Obama is even a better man and hope (there's that word again) that my hopes aren't dashed upon the rocks of what he can really do and what he can't as one man, alone against many. I hope he is one man, with many.

Friends sometimes laugh at me when I say my favorite president was Jimmy Carter. I just think he was a nice man, and he got ridiculed by many for that. I am glad he has had fulfillment and happiness after being president.

That old quip "Hope springs eternal" keeps me getting up each morning, though sometimes by evening, that feeling sometimes ebbs away. I will watch too, full of hopes...watching the Inauguration along with you.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

willow said...

I love the thought of our ancestors, who worked so hard to make this country strong and free, coming together to watch the inauguration! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

Hey, I really like your classy new header.

The Pink Cowboy said...

I agree with you Teri, Jimmy Carter has proven to be not only a nice man but a great one helping people in need at home and around the world. A political analyst on CNN said today that one of Obama greatest contributions would be psychological. Getting the American people to think better of themselves and to take interest in their communities and their world.

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by M. Pink. I taped Wuthering Heights to watch this evening. I usually enjoy almost everything that's on PBS
I'll keep you posted.

Obama makes us Canadians feel jealous ... and believe you me we have not been jealous of your president for a very long time.

Happy Obama Week !!!

A Cuban In London said...

I, too, am looking forward to tomorrow's inauguration. Thanks for popping by.

Greetings from London.

Cynthia said...

Yes, hope is a most precious energizing attitude! How uplifting!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I've just found your blog and love it!

My political knowledge is exceedingly small - but I love your phrase 'permission to hope, big time'. Yes!! I'm applying it to all aspects of life!

JBA said...

We're planning on watching the live feed of the inauguration tomorrow at the office. We don't have a tv so we have to make due- hopefully the servers don't crash or the nuns don't block the websites. They do that sometimes. Anyway, happy days are here again! Now if I can only remember where I put that other half of my retirement plan...

Dédalus said...

Espero que realmente haya algún cambio con Obama. Ha sido terrible para el mundo sufrir la presidencia de un patán como Bush.

Un abrazo, amigo.
Es un honor para mí ver que El Alféizar está entre los tuyos.

Regards from Spain.

Bachelor said...

Love this post on hope! I like the poem read... about love and affection for our fellow Americans, a hope to the world!
The Bach