Monday, March 30, 2009

Shhh, There Is An Orange On Stage

I just ate an orange. So sweet and juicy. I love smelling the peel, it has the scent of springtime. A quiet simple moment. Quiet is what I need. I am, generally speaking, a soft person. Some say I think too much and that I am too idealistic. All through my adult life I hated that harsh judgement on me. I may be MORE idealistic than some, but I am not TOO idealistic. It's a matter of degrees. I was fired Monday morning from my temporary job scoring English compositions. I failed to pass three surprise validation tests. It's ok, it is not the end of the world. But I must say something about the experience.

Such coldness in hiring and dismissing people. I was translated into a percentage number. I did not survive on account of my under 65% number. I will keep on looking for a new job. I am considering becoming a teacher. It will definitely lift me from poverty. But I know first hand the challenges that it would bring. Being a teacher is not an easy job. Teaching will not make any sense if you are not committed to it. Burnout is a reality. In my last teaching job I broke my voice 7 times during the Academic year and had a bout with bronchitis. Still I believe that we can improve our lives through education. Education is the true equalizer among us. Everyone should be given the opportunity of Education. In this I firmly believe.

So I'll keep you posted on that one.

In the meantime, a hot bath, poetry, and oranges.


JBA said...

Oh, I am so sorry about the job- the ridiculous validation tests. Ever since your post last week I kept thinking about that Chaplin file "Modern Times." It is on to bigger and better things and we'll be here every step of the way. Enjoy your orange!

JBA said...

Darn, I meant film, not file. Stupid fat finger tips.

willow said...

You would make an excellent teacher. Hot bath, poetry and orange sounds like just the ticket. In fact, I might just do the same.

Hang in there, dear bloggy friend.

Natalie said...

Perfection just doesn't NEED validating, anyway!
Hmph! Pooh on their shoe, and a thousand mosquitos in their ear!xx♥

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Sorry to hear about the end of the job, Pink Cowboy.

What would you really, really like to do, if you could totally choose your work?

Sydney said...

I am sorry to hear about such a harsh thing happening to such a special person -- clearly you were meant to grace their presences for some reason and now you are set free to be available to some kind of greater good. And you are not bitter, a lesson to us all.

Why did it pop into my head a different kind of teaching, one that may have burnout, but maybe not like it would to teach kids... you love old people -- there are centers to teach those who remain illiterate... and teaching them how to read would be an amazing thing. I know you can do this as a volunteer through project literacy, but it takes 6 mo of training last I checked into it. And I don't know that that you can get a paying job thorugh them. But I hope that by mentioning the idea it might spark another in you... but I thought it would be a way to combine your desire to teach, your love of old people (and not enough people do -- think how you could ENRICH these years of their lives!) and books, literature.... just a thought.

Sydney said...

and a paycheck in there... :-)

Anonymous said...

x one thousand what everyone else has said!! :) muah
reason, season and lifetime.
everything falls into these catergories....a reason for the getting the job a reason for losing the job....obviously this job was merely a stepping stone on your journey, nothing more, nothing less.
oh good things are coming your way pink cowboy, get back up on the horse and keep on riding my friend.
many many blessings for u

Dusty Devoe said...

hang in ther cowboy! sorry about the job loss. i believe things happen for a reason too. nothing better than the smell of an orange!

Clare said...

I am very sorry about your job but it didn't sound right for you anyway. I love the smell of feel of oranges. Always make me think of the Godfather. Whenever there was a scene in the Godfather with an orange in it there was an iminent death. I have tons of Godfather trivia in my head. sorry. Take care and visit me soon. Clare

nollyposh said...

...and ~music~ dearest H ~music~


BTW ~beautiful~ teacher be you with or without the pay cheq x

Just do what you ~love~