Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Transformation 2009

I am always transforming myself. So each New Year's Eve I think about different personas I would like to embrace for the new year. I am fascinated by the diversity of thought and levels of self realization of my fellow humans. I like to believe that each person I meet has something that I can incorporate in my life. Layer upon layer I have built what I am today. I am of a distinctive style and appearance when looked from the outside but once you get near, really close, you will see my composite picture. I am my beloved mother who passed away in March; I am the taciturn lover who believed in astrological signs; I am the perceived enemy at work that turned out to be my friend; I am the frightened child that found solace and comfort in the unseen forces of love; and also the petulant university student that thought it was chic to wear black all the time. I will name the past and present avatars I wish to emulate for the next year:
1. Maya Angelou- She is poetry and courage.
2. Harvey Milk- He represented audacity in the face of persecution.
3. Cyndi Lauper- A rare combination of compassionate soul and wild woman.
4. SARK- We are all innocent deep down inside.
5. Louise Hay- Promoter of the most profound "affirmative action".
6. Grandpa Walton- Oh come on, where is your sense of humor?

I wish all my fellow bloggers and visitors an enchanted New Year full of possibilities and opportunities to do your thing in the most peaceful and exciting athsmosphere.


Steven M. Adami said...

I like the look of your blog.

Cynthia said...

Adorable list! I also agree that people have an influence in this blogger's land, don't you. This past year, I did an activity with Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls just wanna have fun' song.' It was a kick. Also, I made everyone read, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings." Happy New Year to TPC persona and the "real" person behind, you are always persona grata with me.

willow said...

I adore Grandpa Walton! :)

This was a lovely post.

Happy New Year!

tangobaby said...

What a wonderful list of people to admire (even Grandpa Walton). I hope your transformation brings you lots of joy and good fortune in the new year.

I always think of people as little Russian dolls, with one little doll hiding inside the next. But I like your idea of layers very much.

Daphne said...

he tratado de escribirte algo pero no puedo decifrar la cuestion
deja ver si esto te llega, hey me alegro que te sientas feliz,lo mereces, has pasado por mucho y debes de ser feliz