Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dorjes in the sand

Let it be known,
The Great Conqueror set foot in this tropical island long ago,
He bathed joyously
in the virgin water streams that sprayed
the ancient Caribbean sea rocks,
and blessed all the creatures that were
He laughed blissfully,
his roaring giggles
sounded like a thunderous mantra
summoning universal harmony,
penetrating with its vibration all minds
You see,
I have found gilded dorjes buried in the sands.
I have seen endless rainbows when least expected.
I have observed victory banners unfurled in the deep rain forests.
I have heard long lost birds singing Om Ah Hung.
He must have been here, surely, before my people were born.
You see,
He still roams freely through the tropical pathways barefooted,
trident in hand,
radiating indestructible truths,
all pervading kindness,
ever shining wisdom.
In awareness, now seen, now heard… deeply felt.
– Héctor L. Urrutia, Pema Gatob, Puerto Rico

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Cynthia said...

Your poems are a beautiful celebration of life, love and devotion to your Great Teachers!