Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank You
In the early morning I go out
to walk the dog
in a wooded area near my home,
the light of the day is fresh
the breeze is crisp and cool,
the sky is so big,
and I wonder who could possibly
had made this amazing world,
the thousand trees,
the soft, dewy grass
the passing birds...

I leave a muddy foot printed trail behind me,
I sit with my dog on the quiet knoll,
silence surrounds me in the woods near my home,
silence, Oh Divine Love, surrounds me near my home.

The Muse

Take my hand that I may help you bring back the holy muse
back into your life,
and at ease she will look
for your lost dreams
and bless your inner fortress
with scents of everloving and firegrass.
There are flowers in your garden you have never seen,
there is an opalescent primrose and a red mango tree,
three thousand petunias riding proud in the eventide wind.
I will light a candle to show her the way,
a pinch of cinnamon and a sliver of amber will do the trick,
We will make wreaths of sage and lavender
to welcome her in.

In the woods,
among the rustling trees,
we will build an altar for her to sit.
Forever sit.

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

Thank you, Hector, for sharing your beautiful poems that connect to the romance of nature and the Divine.I, too, see you sitting in the patio in Naranjito, laughing and telling stories while we invent new personas for ourselves, darling. While you walk on your morning or eventide remember how your energy connects to the earth-buddhist fashion-and the earth's energy connects with you; perhaps that is the muse? I think of this mantra: Peace to all; life to all; love to all...with every step.