Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finding my way through the Big D

The Pink Cowboy has landed. A strange SimCity he has found. I have never seen so much waste of space in the form of freeways, connecting loops and never-ending rows of retail megastores. I'm mortified by the sheer size of this concrete jungle. My mission to find solace in this monstrous concrete slab called Dallas. Of course those are only my first impressions of this landlocked city. I am on a spiritual mission. I must find friendship, love and a decent livelhood. Well, in all fairness people are friendly. I left my home and job in the Caribbean to move with my siblings living in Northern Texas. My beloved Mother passed away unexpectanly seven months ago. This has been the most profound and perplexing event of my existence. So Dallas it is. Open, big as Barney the purple dinosaur, cars running at 1000mph. We shall see, I suspect there are hidden gems buried in the cracks of the lonesome state turnpikes. In the meantime or rather in the nowabouts, or the landingpad I must write, my life depends on it.

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Daphne said...

Hector, you are a writer. You can really describe your feelings on paper with such a beautiful language. The day you publish your memoirs, I would love to write an introduction about your sensitivity. No te pierdas en las palabras, la soledad y la mucha introspeccion apagan el alma, busca tu amor,eso es parte de tu trabajo ahora mismo, exponte a buscar el amor sin miedo, estas maduro y has crecido mucho, ya no tienes que tenerle miedo a nada, lo mas fuerte ha pasado, la muerte de una madre, no creo que haya nada mas nada fuerte que eso. tu amiga del alma y de los anos